Beginning a New Adventure

Change can be one of the most difficult things to face in life – and at the same time, Change is exciting – because an opportunity for change is an indicator that we are ready to begin a new adventure in life… to learn new things about ourselves, about each other, and about this world.

How we experience change is, in most cases, completely dependent upon our thinking – on our beliefs and fears – on our self-acceptances and self-limitations.  Realizing this and becoming aware of our own ability and responsibility to shift out of destructive thoughts/beliefs/limitations is the most powerful skill we can all develop.  By focusing ourselves on developing this point – we can begin to change our own lives – and this leads to changing the lives of those around us.

So – why did I begin with this point?

I have learned that to live my life as a fully effective and happy human – I must clarify and constantly remind myself of the principles that I have decided to live by – the principle of doing/creating what is best for all – all including myself.  I cannot live only for myself – because I don’t live in a world all by myself – I am a part of a whole – and if the whole is suffering than I cannot live to my full potential.

So whenever I am looking at taking a new path, taking a new action, reminding myself of this principle is important — otherwise I may make decisions that are harmful or negligent.

This is important to me – which is why I’m beginning this blog, this new adventure, with a reminder to myself of why I’m creating it, and who I am within it.

Secondarily – this blog is for me. 

I will write to show myself and remind myself of what I’ve learned, what I’ve walked through, to support myself to accelerate my process of self-development as a person, as a partner, as a parent, etc…

Lastly – this blog is for everyone.

We are all going through similar experiences – and because of this, one of the greatest things we can do for ourselves is share ourselves and at the same time learn from others who are willing to share.


So – this was a cool place to begin.  In my next post, I’ll expand on exactly who am I and what my newest adventure is all about.