Introducing Practical Pregnancy & Parenting



My husband Cam and I have been educators for the past 11 years – and we’ve had so many opportunities to support children and watch their processes of growth and self-development – and we’ve grown passionate about uncovering and watching the natural ability of children to learn and develop into confident and successful human beings. We’ve also had many opportunities to observe and support parents with their children.

We’ve watched as many of the “theories” of parenting are put into practice, seen what works and what doesn’t from a third party perspective. Now – Cam and I are pregnant with our first child!!  We now have a cool opportunity to stand directly with the growth and development of a child, to see everything firsthand, and to apply the practical skills we’ve learned on a much deeper level.

We both have been walking a very specific journey over the past 8 years to support ourselves with many tools of self-development…. so when I first found out I was pregnant, I was looking forward to facing all of my ideas/beliefs/fears about giving birth and becoming a parent.

That may sound strange – that I was eager to face all of this – but I’ve learned over time that I grow and develop the most when I walk through experiences in my life that challenge me to face myself.So far, in this pregnancy, I have faced SOOO much!! It’s amazing to look back, realizing it’s only been 5 months so far, and to see how many points I’ve faced and supported myself with so quickly. I’ll be sharing more of my practical application within the “pregnancy journey” as I continue with this blog – all of the points related to miscarriage, nutrition, genetic disorders, body changes, hormonal changes, medical care, natural vs. hospital birth, etc…  Also – continuing to observe and prepare myself for the reality of parenting.

Each of these points, I not only faced my own ideas/thoughts/beliefs about, but I took the time to investigate what the common perspectives and fears were for other pregnant women – to give myself a wider perspective as to the entire experience that is built around being pregnant – and how to support myself to cut through the “fantastical” ideas of pregnancy/parenting and to face the reality of it.

I see it as – finding the practicality in pregnancy, birth, and preparing myself for practical parenting.

More to come 🙂


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